Figure 1. Objective of the AI4WorkplaceSafety: To utilize Computer vision, IoT, Cloud and Wearables for ensuring workplace safety through the recognition of unsafe acts and inspection of personal protective equipment usage.

The AI4WorkplaceSafety project aims to address the workplace safety challenge by developing artificial intelligence-based solutions for: Audit of personal protective equipment (PPE) usage (OBJ1), and Recognition of unsafe acts during the pushing and pulling activities (OBJ2).

Figure 2. Illustration of features that will be provided through achieving the proposed project objectives.

Addressing these tasks (which are common and mandatory in many industries) is chosen for two reasons: first, it increases our ability to collect sufficient amounts of training data; and second, it increases the impact of our work in the case of the project’s success. For example, inadequate execution of pushing and pulling tasks is a major cause of employees’ back pain and spine injuries – which are major causes of employees’ absence from work (thus, solving this problem will be beneficial for both employees, companies and healthcare systems).

This research was supported by The science Fund of Republic Serbia #6524219, AI – AI4WorkplaceSafety.